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ART’s Superior Training & Support

Advanced Robotic Technology is dedicated to providing full training and support for operators of ART CNC Machinery.

It is vital that operators receive quality training in order to get the best performance from your ART CNC Machine.

All ART machines are available with either on-site training or factory based classroom style training.

Training Offered

Machine Training On Site Training Factory Based Classroom Training New Operator Training

Nesting and Toolpathing Software Training Parametric Design Software Training CAD Training

Also, ART's Plasma Training Videos

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CNC Machine Training

On Site Training

On-site training is beneficial because operators are able to train on your actual machine on your factory floor, using the specific materials that will be used in your production. This option is most suitable when a number of operators need to be trained at once. This is often included in the purchase of your ART CNC Machine and would take place during the commissioning phase of the new machine.

A benefit to this type of training is that the information learned is able to be used immediately and production can commence immediately after the training is completed.

On-Site training is the perfect solution for new customers.
CNC Machine Training

Factory Based Classroom Training

Factory Based Classroom Training is beneficial because the environment is more conducive to learning. Telephones are switched off and interruptions are kept to a minimum. Large screen presentations are used effectively in conjunction with hands on software training and factory floor machine experience in a controlled environment.

This option is often desirable for owner operators, or other operators that would normally be interrupted by other duties during training.

Another benefit to Classroom Training is the ability to pre-train operators before the delivery of your new machine. This can enable shorter start-up periods while enabling the training to be scheduled at a time that is not locked into the delivery schedule.

This course can also be run with students from two or more companies which can dramatically reduce the cost of training and provide a better level of training.

The following training courses are available through the ART Training and Support Team. They may be taken individually, or combined as a comprehensive machine operation course.
CNC Machine Training

Machine Training

Most new machines are supplied with a 3 day on-site training course at the time of commissioning. Alternatively, customers are also able to take this course ahead of delivery in our factory based classroom.

This course will enable you to grasp the fundamental concepts required to begin production on your new ART CNC Machine.

ART Machines are equipped with one of the world’s most flexible controllers, as well as a huge number of optional accessories and automated functionality.

This course will enable operators to take advantage of these features to the full thereby lifting production efficiency.

This course is a must for all new operators of ART CNC Machinery.
New Employee Training

New Operator Training

Most companies have a turn-over of staff and losing an operator can be quite distressing, especially if they are the only person trained to run the ART CNC Machine.

ART provide courses to enable new operators to get up to speed as quickly as possible. This is available as fully comprehensive training or as a refresher course for operators that have some limited exposure, but would like to increase their capabilities.

This can be carried out on-site or in our factory based classroom facility.
Toolpath Training

Nesting and Toolpathing Software Training

After parts have been designed in CAD, the resulting designs need to be collected together and nested (optimised) into the material that they are to be machined from. After this process, machine tooling information needs to be added also, so that the CNC machine knows how to perform the necessary processes. This step is known as Nesting and Toolpathing.

ART is a distributor and developer of a number of different products for this purpose.

It is vital that this step of the process is understood correctly as the accuracy and efficiency of the machine, as well as amount of material savings can be dramatically impacted by this step.

ART can provide comprehensive training in these packages in a form that is tailored to your industry and particular requirements.
Parametric Training

Parametric Design Software Training

Parametric Design Software is usually trade specific. Software is available for many industries such as Ship and Boat Building, Stair Manufacturing, Kitchen Design, Duct Making, Steel Fabrication etc.

ART have spent many years learning how to apply these packages to your industry.

Training courses are available to enable you to become proficient in the use of this software.
CAD Training

CAD Training

CAD is a generic term which stands for Computer Aided Design/Drafting. It is necessary to have at least a basic understanding of computerised 2D drawing in order to produce the original designs for cutting on your ART CNC Machine.

ART can provide a short or medium course on CAD drawing which will enable inexperienced persons to master the basics of 2D cad drawing.

ART is a developer and also distributor of several cost effective CAD products which can be supplied and installed at the time of training.
Remote Support

Remote Support

If you ever have problems with your software, or you just can't figure something out, ART support staff can easily help you with your problem using innovative remote support software.
At your request our support staff are able to help you by accessing and controling your PC from anywhere.
No software needs to be installed and it is compeletely secure. All that is needed is a broadband internet connection.
The perfect solution to get you back on track.

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