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CAD/CAM Software

ART has had long and mutually beneficial relationships with a number of different software companies. We also have our own in-house software developed over many years through close consultation with industry. As a result of this breadth and depth we have the flexibility to offer the optimum CAD/CAM software to our customers so as to make the most of their machines capabilities and to suit their production needs.

There are three basic levels of software in any CAD/CAM process. CAD software is used to make the design. This is where objects are created in 2D or 3D. This could be a simple shape, a kitchen or a 3D widget. From here the object goes to the CAM software. In the CAM software the object or objects are nested and toolpathed to provide optimum material usage. This is also where labels and reports are created, and machine code is generated. This often called Nested Based Manufacturing (Optimising). The third stage is where this code is read by the machine. This is through our industry leading touch screen software, ProfileShop.

All the CAD/CAM software products we offer are Microsoft Windows XP & Vista compatible. We also have machines being programmed by a variety of other software packages, often as companies upgrade to an ART machine but wanted to keep their existing toolpathing software.

We sell, support and recommend the following software.

ART Toolshop Software Logo

ART ToolShop provides all the tools you need to quickly and easily set up cutting jobs for use on ART CNC Machines. ToolShop is an easy to use software package that includes a 2D CAD module, DXF importing, toolpathing and advanced nesting functions as well as CNC output. ToolShop has our own unique spiral cutting function, ramped bridges for cutting and link cutting feature for plasma cutting.

ToolShop is easy to learn, master and operate.

ENroute Software Logo

ART supplies and recommends EnRoute toolpathing software for advanced 2D and 3D CNC routing applications. EnRoute is able to take most CAD files and rapidly process them into NC files suitable for use on ART CNC machines. Specialised modules are available for 3D modelling, cabinetmaking, engraving, advanced nesting and most types of machining processes.

RhinoCAM - Affordable Integrated CAM Software for Rhinoceros

RhinoCAM is a Rhinoceros plug-in that runs completely inside of Rhino 4.0. Combining the free-form modeling power of Rhino and the legendary machining capabilities of VisualMILL, this plug-in offers an easy to use yet powerful general purpose machining program for the general machinist. RhinoCAM includes 2-1/2, 3, 4 & 5 axis milling and hole making operations.

Plate'n'Sheet Development Software Logo
Plate'n'Sheet Development

ART offers Plate’n’Sheet Development for use in Ducting and sheet metal developments. This software swiftly unfolds a wide variety of shapes, providing dimensioned output files for subsequent cutting and folding. The comprehensive range of shapes and patterns offers flexibility and simplicity which saves the user time and money.

PM2000 Software Logo

Profile Master, also known as PM2000 and CAM-Duct, is a long established package for use in the metalworking industries. The basic package covers nesting and generation of machine code. It is modular in design with additional modules such as CAM-Duct which is a complete production control system for ductwork contractors. There are a number of other advanced features available to minimise labour and increase profitability.

TurboCad Software Logo

ART offers TurboCAD as an economical solution to companies without existing CAD software. This software is very powerful and easy to use with hundreds of professional design and drafting tools.

ART ProfileShop Software Logo

ART has developed this world leading front end CNC Machine Software used on all ART machines. ProfileShop allows unparalleled usability over all machine functions through our innovative and initiative touch screen interface.

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