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The Smart Series
XR Plasma Profile Cutter

High Performance Metal Processing

The ART Smart XR Plasma Profile cutter is a highly versatile machine having a small footprint, while still maintaining a large processing area. Available in 1.6 and 1.9 meter wide process areas, it is designed to work with most commonly available sheet and plate sizes used by manufacturing businesses today.

What sets the Smart XR Plasma Profile Cutter apart from the crowd is its high level of performance and features. It is designed with the latest high speed AC servo motors and coupled with quality German planetary gearheads and rack and pinion drives. These along with ART's advanced motion control algorithms combine to give the highest quality cut available with air plasma.

Advanced Features Without The Hassle

All machines manufactured by ART are controlled by a large touchscreen interface running the latest version of ART Profileshop. This controller software designed by ART provides the easiest of control while still maintaining a high level of functionality. Advanced features such as modifying shapes, rotating, digitising and much more can all be done easily by the operator through the touchscreen interface.

CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Made Easy

This machine has been designed for more cost effective applications, while retaining many of ART's rigid and revolutionary versatile features.

Intelligent controller

ART ProfileShop V3 touchscreen
controller gives ultimate control over
every job. User log-in enables
functions suitable to each operators
capabilities. Modify nests on the
machine, start, stop, adjust
parameters and more with a touch of
the finger

Ease of use

Pendant hand controller gives
access to most functions when
operator is away from main
controller. Start, stop, recover,
digitise, align plate, change tools,
override feed rate and much more.
New wireless pendant gives ultimate
freedom with over 200mtr range

Large prcessing area

The Smart XR Plasma Profile Cutter has a workarea that extends to the machines edges maximising the available floorspace used by the machine. Available in 1.6 and 1.9 meter wide process areas, it is designed to work with most commonly available sheet and plate sizes.

Optional wireless
remote pendant
High torque servo drives

The Smart XR Plasma series uses quality precision AC servomotors coupled with German made planetary gearheads and smooth helical rack and pinion drive. High power means fast, agile cutting. AC servo control means accurate positioning without loss of position.

Monocoque chassis construction

A one piece, fully welded chassis allows for fast installation and easy re-location. Stability and strength are inherent in the construction through the use of solid modelling and finite element analysis during the design process. All fabricated components are fully powder coated for wear and corrosion resistance.

Dry fume extraction

The carefully designed extraction system removes fumes from under the cut before it can rise. The extraction system is coupled with an external reverse pulse filtration system to provide optimum air quality in the workshop, and helps to protect our environment from emissions. No more sludge to clean out as with water beds.

Precision guide ways

German made linear bearings provide smooth movement to ensure accurate cutting. Wiper seals on all bearing surfaces keep bearings dust free for long service life.

Comprehensive database

The controller knows exactly how to cut each material. Pierce and cut height, feed rate, air pressure, height settings, dwell and more are all set automatically.

Fully Comprehensive Warranty

ART offer a long warranty which covers parts and labour. Dedicated service technicians are on call should you need assistance. Telephone support and internet based remote assistance are also standard features.

The Smart XR Plasma Profile Cutter is the complete solution for financially sensitive applications.

SMART XR CNC Plasma Profile Cutter
SMART XR CNC Plasma Profile CutterSMART XR CNC Plasma Profile CutterSMART XR CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

SMART XR CNC Plasma Profile CutterSMART XR CNC Plasma Profile CutterSMART XR CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

With the help of an ART Smart XR Plasma, your business will enjoy the great benefits of increased quality, efficiency, accuracy, repeatability and reduction of waste material

XR Series Plasma Cutter Brochure

6 page PDF document

17 MB

ART XR CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

A brief video on the benefits of the ART XR Plasma Profile Cutter.

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