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The RT Series
Super Heavy Duty CNC Profile Machining Centre

The RT Series CNC Profile Machining Centre is one of the heaviest duty production machines available. The Gantry Bridge is a weldment of 300mm Structural Steel Channels with the linear bearings machined into the 16mm thick steel faces.
The Gantry Bridge alone weighs around half a tonne. The chassis is constructed from 200mm x 100mm x 9mm thick RHS steel section with the linear rails machined into the solid 9mm thick face. The machine features high torque AC servo motors on all axes.

What does all this mean to me and my business? The extremely solid construction and powerful motors make this machine perform extremely well in heavy duty machining operations.

High Speed Spindle:
  • High torque for
    maximum performance
  • Fast clean cutting
  • High Reliability
Automatic Toolchanger:
  • Automatically switches tooling
  • No operator interaction
  • Intelligently tracks tooling
High Torque AC Servo Motors:
  • High accuracy
  • 1000mm +/- 0.09mm
  • Absolute positioning
ART Profileshop:
  • Modify shapes at machine
  • Pause/resume job at
    any time or shape
  • Comprehensive tooling database

  • Super Heavy Duty Construction – Extra rigidity for high quality finish and solid performance.
  • High Power AC Servo Motors – Fast traversing and machining speeds up to 50m/min.
  • High Power 16HP Spindle – High torque for maximum performance.
  • 10 Tool Rotary Tool Changer – Safety oriented with automatic covers and heavy guarding.
  • Touch Screen Controller – Training new staff is so much easier with our plain English interface.
  • Light Beam Safety Sensors – Work near the machine in complete safety.
  • Category 4 Safety Controller – Critical system that keeps you safe and meets OH&S Regulations.
  • Fully Enclosed Safety Guards – Keeps operators safe from moving parts.
  • Integrated Pressure Foot – High down-force on plate material to minimise vibration and noise.
  • 4 Nozzle Misting Lubrication – Keep machining longer. Cutters last longer without build up.
  • Ducted Swarf Extraction System – Allows for overhead cranes and material handling.
  • State of the Art Software – Get more from your material with less waste and less man hours.
  • DSP Based Motion Control – Latest technology means superior cut quality.
  • Popup Locating Pins – Easy positioning of material for quick turnaround.
  • Laser Alignment Pointer – Align job to sheet to save adjusting heavy plates.
  • Digitising Functions – Accurately reverse engineer existing templates on the machine.
  • Extended Warranty – Gives you confidence and peace of mind with our nationwide support.

This machine is very solid and even more capable than the heaviest CNC Router. It uses the same software that is standard across all ART CNC Machines so operators can move seamlessly from one to the other without re-training.

This Is What We Put In.

At ART, we create dynamic machines that will surprise you with quick acceleration, consistent cut quality and excellent reilability. We are also busy finding innovative solutions and technologies that help reduce waste and pollution, while delivering outstanding performance. This is what we refer to as “State of the ART technology.”

Over the last decade, ART has introduced a range of world beating developments for the metal processing industry. High torque servo drives, active dry fume extraction and filtration, intelligent torch height control, monocoque chassis design, auto sensing drill tools and rigid tapping are just a few of the developments that increase productivity and performance, with reduced emissions. And now, ART’s ProfileShop V3 touchscreen controller combines ease of use with advanced features to automate all cutting settings, resulting in optimum cut quality. At ART, we are driven to do better every day

The RT Series machinery provide exceptional cutting on a wide range of materials. It has been specifically designed for heavy duty manufacturing environments where power, precision, speed, quality, low cost, productivity and durability are demanded by business owners.

ART RT CNC Routing Machine
Available Features
CNC Machine Touch Screen
Touch Screen & Pendant

ART Machines have both touch screen and pendant control. This intuitive system provides a quick and simple means of entering machine instructions, editing parts, moving, resizing and more, all at the machine.

CNC Machine Inkjet Printing Head
Inkjet Printhead

Most ART CNC Machines can be fitted with an optional Tangential Inkjet Printhead. This feature enables part numbers and other information to be printed directly onto the material being cut. Permanent and removable inks are available.

CNC Machine Software

ART ProfileShop CNC controller software is an amazing user interface that is so simple to use. While being extremely easy to learn, it is highly flexible and offers top end functionality for your ART Router or Plasma. You can easily modify any part of the job by simply selecting parts on the touch-screen. ART ProfileShop is at the absolute cutting edge when it comes to CNC machinery software.

Machining Area
Process Area

ART builds your machine to order so you get exactly what you need. ART machines come in sizes from 2500mm x 1300mm all the way up to 21000mm x 3700mm.

CNC Rotary Tool Changer

ART Rotary Tool Changers can dramatically decrease production time. The 10 tool rotary carousel allows your ART CNC Router to complete highly complex jobs with multiple tools with no user interaction.

CNC Motors
Motion Control

ART uses superior quality motion control components including brushless servo motors and digital closed loop positioning to drive our machines. This ensures high speed performance in the toughest materials without the danger of lost positions.

CNC Colombo Spindle

ART offers a large choice of high quality spindles for your CNC router and robotics application. These range from 12,000RPM to 60,000RPM and 2KW to 12KW in power.

CNC Machine Popup Locating Pins
Popup Locating Pins

Innovative popup locating pins allow for easy material positioning, resulting in decreased loading time to maximize production.

Laser Alignment
Laser Alignment

All ART CNC Machines can be fitted with an optional High Precision Laser Pointer. This feature enables accurate alignment of material as well as fast and precise pendant controlled digitising of hand-made templates.

CNC Machine Warranty

ART provides a fully comprehensive warranty on all machines sold in Australia.

Please contact ART for detailed information on warranty conditions.

Applies to: All Machines sold in Australia.

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