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Plasma CNC Machines

Advanced Robotic Technology's (ART) series of plasma cutting machines delivers power at unprecedented speeds. Plasma cutting technology has the ability to cut Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium with high definition precision to a level of accuracy that would satisfy any tradesman.

CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

Whatever your requirements are, ART can custom build a machine to suit your individual needs. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to choose;

•  Software package
•  Machine size
•  Process area
•  Extraction method
•  Hypertherm power unit

The machine, featured here, is an example of a standard ART Plasma profile table fitted with a Hypertherm HPR130 unit. This particular machine has a process area of 3750mm x 1900mm with the potential to cut 10mm mild steel at 4m a minute. Capabilities such as these make this machine indispensable in today's manufacturing environment.

CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

Innovation and change are two concepts that keep ART at the top of the ever evolving manufacturing industry. This is made evident through many aspects of the machine such as;

•  Touch Screen
•  Extraction
•  Software
•  Torch Control System
•  Consumables

CNC Machine Touch Screen
Touch Screen & Pendant

ART Machines have both touch screen and pendant control. This intuitive system provides a quick and simple means of entering machine instructions, editing parts, moving, resizing and more, all at the machine.

CNC Machine Extraction System

ART can supply extraction system to suit it's range of CNC machines. Many years of experience enable ART to assist with the selection of a system to suit your requirements.

CNC Machine Software

ART ProfileShop CNC controller software is an amazing user interface that is so simple to use. While being extremely easy to learn, it is highly flexible and offers top end functionality for your ART Router or Plasma. You can easily modify any part of the job by simply selecting parts on the touch-screen. ART ProfileShop is at the absolute cutting edge when it comes to CNC machinery software.

Torch Control System

To maximize consumable life, enhance performance and eliminate torch damage, ART has developed an integrated torch control system.

•  Intelligent Torch Height Controller Maintains optimum cutting height via the Arc Voltage Control, resulting in the best possible cutting angle with minimal dross.

•  Initial Height Sensor Pneumatically controlled to set optimum torch starting height. This along with the Intelligent Torch Height Controller increases consumable life.

•  Break-away Torch Protection Mechanism Pauses operations immediately in the event of torch and material collision.

Hypertherm Powermax Unit
Hypertherm Powermax Power Units

As our machines are produced to such a high standard we feel that having consumables to the same high quality is of utmost importance. It is for this reason that we supply the Hypertherm range of plasma cutting units and consumables. Hypertherm products are manufactured in the United States of America, and are renowned for their high quality.

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