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iCam 5 Axis
Profile Machining

Work-piece Clamps
Pneumatic clamps hold the profile in place for processing. These clamps are positioned automatically by the CNC ensuring set-up is fast and accurate. The CNC scans to find the clamps then moves them to the new specified position.

Multi Axis Spindle Head
The HSD Spindle assembly is a twin pivot design that offers ultimate rigidity. The spindle unit is fitted with ceramic bearings and is liquid cooled, allowing a 100% duty cycle. A standalone refrigeration unit keeps the spindle at a constant cool temperature, ensuring a long service life.

Technical specification – Model PMC 5600 / 51200
Control System Controller ART ProfileShop Software
Multi Axis Head Type HSD Twin pivot
  Pivot Angles A Axis: +/- 120 degrees
  C Axis: +/- 213 degrees
Spindle Model HSD ES779L
  Power 12.0kW, (16HP) – 4 Pole
Cooling Liquid – Through refrigeration unit
Tool Connection HSK 63F
Speed 24,000rpm max.
Tool Changer Type Rotary – Gantry mounted
  Capacity 12 Tools
Max. Tool Diam. 120mm (400mm with less tools loaded)
Profile Clamps Clamping Pneumatic – Adjustable pressure
  Positioning Automatic by CNC
Clamp Distance 400mm Max. Between jaws
Linear Travel Z Axis 650mm, Vmax 25m/min
  Y Axis 1,100mm, Vmax 50m/min
X Axis 6,500mm, Vmax 60m/min (model PMC 5600)
  12,500mm, Vmax 60m/min (model PMC 51200)
Optional Tool Lubricator Micro mist unit - Single nozzle
  Aggregate Right angle for underside processing
Tool Chucks HSK 63F – 462E Collets
Saw Chuck HSK 63F (max. diameter 400mm)
Light curtain Single & Dual zones available
Electrical Requirements Connected power 400v / 50hz
Total Load 25kw
Compressed Air Requirements Operating pressure 7 bar
Air Consumption 100-200 l/min

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