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CNC Plasma Profile Cutters

Welcome to the ART Plasma Profile Cutters index, here you will be able to select the machine that suits your needs.

If you require more information or have any question, feel free to contact us for more information using the information on the contact page.

SMART XR Plasma Profile Cutter

SMART XR Plasma Profile Cutter

The SMART XR Plasma Profile Cutter has been carefully configured to suit specific industrial applications. This machine has been designed for more cost sensitive applications, while retaining many of ART's rigid and versatile features.

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HDP CNC Profile Cutter

HyDefinition CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

The ART HDP Plasma Profile Cutter is a leader in Plasma CNC Profiling due to it being specifically designed for heavy duty manufacturing environments where power, precision, speed, quality and durability are demanded by business owners.

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Plasma Profile Cutter

CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

ART's series of plasma cutting machines can easily cut Mild Steel and Aluminium with incredible precision. Our plasma machines are able to cut 10mm mild steel at 4m a minute with ease. Abilities like this are indispensable to the manufacturing industry.

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SMART Plasma Profile Cutter

SMART XP Plasma Cutter

The sturdy SMART XP Plasma Profile Cutter has been designed specifically for lower cost operations with quality performance requirements. Still adopting state of the art technology that delivers increased productivity at lower cost.

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Metaltek CNC Beamline

Metaltek XB1200 CNC Beamline

The Metaltek XB1200 Beamline coping system from Advanced Robotic Technology can efficiently process hot and cold rolled structural steel profiles. Supported profiles include RHS, SHS, UB, UC, PFC, TFC, EA and UA.

All copes, mitres, square cuts, slots and holes can be cut automatically. Full bevel weld preps can be applied to all surfaces including underneath!

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Metaltek CNC Beamline

Metaltek 5 Axis Pressure Vessel Cutting Machine

ART produce the Metaltek 5 Axis Pressure Vessel Cutting Machine. This machine cuts huge amounts of labor from the cutting and weld prepping of nozzle and manway penetrations.

The Metaltek Pressure Vessel Machine is capable of processing cylindrical vessels as well as torispherical dished heads

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