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About Advanced Robotic Technology

Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) came from humble beginnings to become an international supplier of quality and state of the art CNC Router and Plasma profile machines.

Now employing over 40 personnel, ART is developing machines with up-to-the-minute cutting technology locally and internationally.

Having to move to larger purpose built premises to handle the increased workload, ART had one of its first 20 metre Routers in production before the roof was on. It is this dedication to efficient production and customer satisfaction that has kept ART at the top of its game.

ART is a world leader in CNC technology today. Our machines have enabled manufacturers to make drastic increases in their productivity. Manufactures ranging from ship and boat builders, cabinet makers, sheet metal workers, steel fabrication, plastic engineering as well as others, have been able to benefit from these products.

ART Head Office

Why Businesses choose an ART machine!

CuircuitryART has a long established tradition of developing STATE OF THE ART technology in-house. ART employs some of the brightest minds available in many fields. Through the efforts of these many talented individuals, ART has developed some of the most flexible technology today.
Some of the fantastic products created in our own factory include easy to use CAD/CAM software, efficient nesting software, brushless closed loop servo motion technology, touch screen controller interfaces, extremely high speed I/O bus systems, high performance swarf extraction systems and many more.

How Easy!

ART ProfileShop CNC SoftwareART prides itself in producing highly sophisticated control systems that are able to perform the most complex tasks, while keeping the user controls as simple as possible. All basic functions can be accessed through a remote control styled pendant or through the easy to use touch screen. The operator has to simply follow three basic steps and he can be producing product almost instantly. As his skills increase, he is able to access more complex functions through the intuitive touch screen interface. A multilevel password system allows the administrator to control which functions an operator is able to access.

Because ART deals directly with the customer, we're able to maintain constant communication with the end user. Customer feedback is one of the vital links that keep ART in front of the crowd. Many of the features that are included in our current line of machinery have origins dating back to customer suggestions.

Another aspect of ART philosophy is open architecture. Operators are able to take designs from all popular cad programs, including trade specific software such as cabinet making programs, sheet metal and ducting packages and ship designing software. These drawings can be quickly and accurately converted to cutting programs using extremely advanced optimization software.

A Positive Investment!

21m Aluminium CNC RouterOver the last several years, ART has been producing extremely large scale profile cutting machines able to process aluminium up to 20m long by 2.8m wide by 70mm in thickness. This has been of major interest to the ship building industry because many modern craft are now constructed from aluminium. Every component of the ship is designed on a cad system down to alignment marks, part numbers, rebates and fold lines. The ART profile Cutter is able to produce finished components directly from sheet or plate material allowing fabricators to assemble the ship like a giant jigsaw puzzle. All edges are clean and ready for welding.

ART CNC Router Spindle and ToolchangerThe cabinet making industry has also benefitted from ART's experience. Nested based manufacturing, also known as NBM is sweeping the industry. Using NBM, the operator can load a sheet of material on to the profile cutter and after a couple of minutes remove finished panels ready for edge banding. ART nested based routers have rapid automatic tool changing, multi drill heads, automatic vacuum zone selection for rapid cell cycle work, and integrated dust extraction systems.

ART can customise a machine to suit your individual needs, please contact us for a solution for your cutting requirements

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